Monday, July 31, 2006

this stuff cannot be talked about on lists. but it should be talked about. we can all agree that i deserve to be treated better, and fairer, and that i have something coming to me by way of recompense and monies outstanding. anyone taking exception to that fact can ask to be removed.>yes, a strategy then... feel free to plan all the revenges and >council letters etc for after>the deals go down;revenge is not in it. that's how a pig thinks. i am owed much more than an apology and an explanation... this is the little tune called paying the piper.and, i am involved in "those deals", please don't make the mistake of forgetting. no decisions without my approval -- that's the condition.> I still think gus can end up with a set of explanations, a bit of $>owed, and the remaining copies of his book if we play it out. best >it's gonna get for>now. let me do my work for you!there never was a recycle bin clause in my contract,, we need to talk, mark. i've done some calculations of my own, and mike owes me a lot more than some piss ant 250.00 advance that he's tried to cheat me out of since 2003... ditto the 177 remaining copies of this book... 177 subtracted from 1500 -- (and i haven't seen a cent!) i'd say he has an awful lot of explaining to do... and a healthy cheque to write.if i can prove that he owes me 7 k, which is closer to the mark that i feel is owed, it may be worth it to hire a lawyer, just to get 3, or 2, which is more than i'm likely to get from that blameless vampire without a for "an explanation" behind the pulping, nothing he has to say will ever suffice to excuse this behaviour; all one need do is read my email from july 2004 to prove that these actions were informed by a petty scheme to cheat and malign me, and occasioned by an act of malice, and that mike, sorry to say, is no more a publisher than i am a importer/exporter of third world trinkets. now, because of this, he's owing me money for those pulped copies too, since i've already determined the market value for them when i bought 143 from him at 7 dollars apiece...any, anyway, what is this admission about pulped copies anyway? sounds like an awfully convenient ruse to shirk any and all responsibility he might have to me, in terms of paying up on the royalties for copies sold. how account for a recycle bin? what are the numbers that go in, what are the numbers that don't go in, and how does one trust someone at their word when they have a proven track record of non-compliance with the conditions of my contract, general mismanagement(s), financial incompetence(s), deceptions, half-truths and out and out lies? (not to mention exceedingly bad taste and horrendously poor judgement -- and, what's more, an inability to sell books which could, if given the chance, sell themselves...)and, i have a very hard time believing that insomniac themselves have sold only 8 copies of the book. jim lowell, d.a.levy's bookstore martyr, probably bought that many in the summer of 2003 when he paid those offices a visit.i have no reason whatsoever to believe anything he might have to say -- and this includes the 5 royalty reports i've been sent to date. i can't even bare to look the guy in the face without feeling a strange admixture of both pity and disgust -- which is why i've conceded to your intervention on my behalf, mark. you seem immune to this effect. i only hope that your own motives are as ivory-genuine as you've claimed. i'm tired of getting raped by the people i work with. its gotta stop.i think a meeting is in order. i'm going to toronto for the launch of shift and switch, which i am in and where i've been asked to read. that is tuesday the 29th of november. sergio, mark, myself. sometime in there.>...after that, do what you need to do, okay?i treat people about as well as they treat me. across the board...volker nix--


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